Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Half time résumé

Yepp, my road trip started 3 weeks ago and there are only 3 more left. The past 7000 km have been awesome - most of the time.

+ rode almost every day
+ had the opportunity to ride off-road
+ met friendly & interesting people - locals as well as other globetrotters
+ visited some well worth seeing sights/cities, e.g. Melaka, Chiang Mai (walking street on Sunday night)
+ had some awesome drives, e.g. Fraser's Hill

+ enjoyed cheap & delicious food
+ enjoyed good weather (sometimes even too hot): needed the GORE-TEX layer of my motorbike suit only 3 times so far

- stung by a huge (unidentified) insect while riding resulting in a badly swollen thigh for more than 3 days
- run over a dog
- crashed my motorbike in a slippery curve 2 days ago resulting in bent handlebar, bent gearshift lever, broken left hand guard and broken clutch lever
- front breaking pads & profile of rear tire almost used up; no spare ones with me and supply impossible/not found en-route yet
- too less time for all the things I want to do & see, e.g. edit & upload videos

The longer I think about it, the more I could add; mostly positive experiences. Well, I'll think of curiosities next time...


  1. WOW! hope you managed to mend your bike somehow...sounds like a pretty big crash? Hope your okay bro! Keep up the good work, and be safe!

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